Chapter 342: Killing

Wilds Everlasting’s retinue was made up of powerful Half Sages.

They were a core element of the Grand-Wilds Mansion, people who it was hoped would soon become Great Sages. They were completely loyal to Wilds Everlasting, and were trusted confidantes in every sense of the word.

Sadly, Yang Qi had killed them all with a single fist strike.

In fact, the shock wave from the blast spread out for an immense distance, killing everyone else who wasn’t a Great Sage.

As for Wilds Everlasting, he was forced to resort to his Everlasting Sage Domain to defend himself.

Struggling upright, he maintained vigilance as Yang Qi floated out slowly from the haze. 

“Who are you?” Wilds Everlasting said.

“Someone here to take your life,” Yang Qi replied. As he spoke, an energy field spread out to surround everything for dozens of kilometers. It was a canopy that almost looked like an eggshell, which was actually nothing other than a many-layered greyspace.

This wasn’t the God Legion Paradise, but rather, a powerful barrier that emanated from Yang Qi himself.

He had reached the level where his mere breathing created a resonance...

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