Chapter 341: Immortal Grass

Nie Chaoguang went on to provide further explanation. “The Wilds God founded the Grand-Wilds Mansion, and everyone says that he has been a ninth step Great Sage for quite some time. Considering how close he is to becoming a Demi-Immortal, he’s one of the most terrifying among the old-timers in the Quake-Dawn Continent. And that's also why the Grand-Wilds Mansion has always been at odds with the Quake-Dawn Cathedral. Not that either of them could be considered good guys.

“For years, they have been as opposed as fire and water. But now, Wilds Everlasting is swaggering into an auction held by the Quake-Dawn Cathedral, and nobody’s causing him any trouble? That in itself is very thought-provoking. I’d say it's highly likely they plan to join forces to deal with your continent.”

‘If they plan to invade the Rich-Lush Continent, then I have to stop them,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘Even better would be to follow my original plan and get them to fight each other. But how? Perhaps Wilds Everlasting is the ticket.’

At this point, they entered the Heaven Suite, which would provide them a large...

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