Chapter 340: Secrets

After the fight between Young Master Shroud-Heaven, Hua Tianxiong, and the Crown Prince, Great Sage Shroud-Heaven had gone to the Superheaven Badlands, not to kill the Crown Prince, but to work out a deal. In the end, he was able to resurrect his son, and, just like Hua Tianxiong, bring him back even closer to the Great Sage level.

“Young Master Shroud-Heaven, I heard that the Crown Prince reached the Great Sage level, but then got killed. Even your father said that he had limitless potential, and yet now, he’s dead.”

The group surrounding Young Master Shroud-Heaven were peppering him with conversation.

“Yeah, that's right. Who could have guessed that somebody would come out of nowhere and kill the Crown Prince? I heard it was some guy named Yang Qi. Apparently, he set up some deadly spell formation that killed, not only the Crown Prince, but eighteen other Great Sages. All six of the Western Continent’s Great Sages were killed, as well as nine from the Quake-Dawn Cathedral. And three from the Rich-Lush Continent were killed too. And that Yang Qi is only a Legendary.”

Young Master Shroud-Heaven sighed....

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