Chapter 338: Assassination Attempt

Yang Qi left the greyspace of the Rich-Lush Continent and entered outer space.

He was a Ghost-God Legendary, and even ordinary Legendary experts could traverse the void by means of space-time wormholes. So there was little need to mention Yang Qi’s ability to do so. After all, he had used his Angel Wings to escape Great Sage Pure Emptiness back when he was only in the second transformation.

And now, he was thousands of times stronger than back then. Perhaps even tens of thousands of times as strong.  Even without the help of a hell monsoon, he could theoretically travel to the Quake-Dawn Continent himself.

Unfortunately, the Hanging Mountain was much, much further away than that continent. If he tried to fly there with his own power, it would likely take a million years.

However, he could definitely hop through various space-time wormholes to shorten the time.

After he was in outer space, he saw an endless silver river of stars and planets. In the void, it was impossible...

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