Chapter 336: Uniting the Continent

There wasn’t a trace of arrogance in Chancellor Sun Moon’s voice.

Yang Qi had just killed eighteen Great Sages, plus the Crown Prince and Yun Hailan. He had also seriously injured Chancellor Demi-Immortal. The fight ended up as a clear rout, causing profound shock to fill the hearts of everyone who had witnessed the spectacle.

The area surrounding Sage Monarch City was occupied by countless elite energy artists, members of famous clans, and imperial princes from the former Sage Ancestor Dynasty, and all of them were trembling with fear with the thought that Yang Qi might exterminate them.

“Patriarch Yang Qi, we were given no alternative but to follow the orders of that vile Crown Prince. Please, please don’t kill us.” That was what the congregated princes, dukes, and other officials were saying.

“Prince Wei, please step forward,” Yang Qi said coolly. “Your emperor willingly followed the Crown Prince in his effort to kill me. In the end, I cut him down. You personally witnessed the result of his stubbornness. 

“However, I’ll never forget how you helped me, Prince Wei. So why not let bygones be bygones? The Sage Ancestor Dynasty is no more,...

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