Chapter 335: The Dust Settles

The Crown Prince was dead, and so was Yun Hailan.

Now, the dust could settle.


In the moment of the Crown Prince’s death, countless sealing marks from an immortal plane suddenly shot out and attempted to flee the God Legion Paradise. However, Yang Qi quickly grabbed them. At the same time, a string of enormous sage motes appeared, almost like a chain.

“Look at those sage motes!” Ghost Emperor Yama exclaimed. He chuckled. “This Crown Prince really had a lot of potential. Too bad for him that you showed up. With sage motes like that, he should have been able to kill a third step Great Sage, even though he was only in the first step. And yet, in the end, he got killed by a Ghost-God Legendary. The two of you are just worlds apart.”

“He also had his immortal armor,” Yang Qi said. “Sadly for him, once I formed the God Legion Paradise, he was doomed. And that’s not to mention the sage motes from eighteen Great Sages. He was just too arrogant. If he had attacked me with everyone at the same time, then he probably would have killed me.”

Yang Qi was absolutely right. It was only after killing the eighteen Great Sages that he finally reached a level in which he could come out on top in the fight.

Without the sage motes, Yang Qi would have been in the inferior position, without question.

However, the Crown Prince was the type of person who felt it was beneath him to kill Yang Qi personally. He wanted Yang Qi to be humiliated, and perhaps even make him watch as all of his friends and family were slaughtered.

In the end, it was all a dream.

A pipe dream.


As the chain-like string of sage motes became part of the God Legion Paradise, something bright and glittering rose up from the Crown Prince’s remains.


It erupted with such power and light that it was hard to tell whether it resembled a dragon, snake, bird, or whale. It thrummed with domineering immortal energy, and instantly formed a resonance with the immortal sealing marks which had appeared moments ago. Together, they caused a massive tempest to rage within the God Legion Paradise.

“What is that thing?” Yang Qi reached out to grab it, but before he could, it pierced through the greyspace of the God Legion Paradise, and vanished into thin air.

Ghost Emperor Yama let out a frenzied shout, sending out a stream of devil energy to try to grab it. Unfortunately, not even he could do so.

“That was an Immortal-Slayer’s medallion! Dammit! How did the Crown Prince get his hands on something like that?!” Ghost Emperor Yama suddenly vanished, traversing multiple planes as he tried to acquire the thing.

In the end, he failed, and returned.

“Immortal-Slayer’s medallion?” Yang Qi asked, his eyes glittering. Clearly, he had just lost some sort of powerful magical treasure. It was obviously the type of thing that only the God Legion Seal could keep in check, and unfortunately, he didn’t have direct control of the sealing mark.

“Immortal-Slayer’s medallions are terrifying objects from certain immortal planes. I've only heard of them in old myths and fairytales. Supposedly, there was once an evil immortal called King Immortal-Slayer. He led a campaign to conquer three thousand ancient worlds, and killed numerous immortals. In the end, he was bested by tribulation, and killed. He left behind several of those Immortal-Slayer’s medallions. Or maybe they’re all fragments of one larger medallion. I’m not sure. In any case, if you can collect them all, then you can search for his core teachings and doctrines.”

Yang Qi frowned. “Wait a second. Did the Crown Prince hide his nascent divinity in that thing? Did he just escape?”

Ghost Emperor Yama shook his head. “I don't think so. When trying to track it down just now, I didn't sense any of the Crown Prince’s aura. According to the stories, an Immortal-Slayer’s medallion will only pick someone with a strong destiny. If that person perishes, then the medallion will leave to find another target. Besides, it supposedly takes away some of the destiny of whoever carries it, so actually, they’re inauspicious. Powerful, but inauspicious, and also very difficult to control.”

“Inauspicious? Maybe the Crown Prince suffered because of the talisman, which is why he perished at my hand.”

Now that the Crown Prince was dead, his soul was part of the God Legion Paradise.

His sage motes were far stronger than those of any of the other eighteen Great Sages, and over the course of the next few hours, Yang Qi made sure they were fully integrated with his personal domain.


Countless trumpeting cries filled the God Legion Paradise as ten million ancient megamammoths appeared on the greyspace of the domain. All of them pulsed with the most ancient of auras, and now, after being imbued with power by the sage motes, they had transformed. All of them were now clad in bronze armor of the most profound and ancient nature, and radiated the most holy of auras.

Of course, it was the aura of the legion of gods.

Each and every one of those megamammoths was in the process of becoming godlike, and increasing in power. They were now unlocking their most ancient genetic material, providing them with the characteristics of godmammoths.

With the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, awakening the ancient megamammoths was of secondary importance. Far more relevant was the ability to awaken the ancient genetic material of the godmammoths.

With the sage motes and immortal sealing marks from the Crown Prince, he was now able to begin that process. He had been waking up particles far too quickly lately, which was something that could lead to dangerous instability. Right now, using sage motes to improve their quality was a much better thing to do.

Thanks to the countless immortal sealing marks, as well as the numerous types of empyrean-baleful energy, not only was his God Legion Paradise growing stronger, but also, his position within the seventh Legendary transformation was stabilizing.

Every heaven and earth, every continent, had its own unique types of empyrean-baleful energy. There were always thirty-six types of empyrean heavenly energy, and seventy-two types of baleful earthly energy.

The empyrean-baleful aspects of the Rich-Lush Continent were different from the Western Continent’s, which were in turn different from other locations. If one could travel to multiple worlds to absorb different types of power, it would make one’s place in the Ghost-God Transformation more perfect. Sadly, Ghost-God Legendaries generally didn't have the ability to travel among worlds.

But now, Yang Qi was different.

Because of all the immortal sealing marks he had, he could reach out to immortal planes, and absorb their empyrean-baleful energy to improve his Ghost-God Transformation.

And it could also benefit his God Legion Paradise.

“The Crown Prince’s magical treasure bag!”

Of course, the Crown Prince had a lot more than some immortal armor and immortal motes. He had immense wealth stored away, just ready for Yang Qi to take.

Without any hesitation, he tore open the dark green bag. Instantly, massive amounts of spirit energy poured out into the God Legion Paradise as a pile of sagely-grade spirit stones appeared.

There were also a handful of stones that stood out from the others, which pulsed with a faint immortal energy, as though they came from a much higher heaven.

“Those are heavenly-grade spirit stones!” Ghost Emperor Yama exclaimed jealously. “How did the Crown Prince get access to wealth like that?”

“He got the legacy of Grand Emperor Rich-Lush, so it stands to reason he would also have inherited the man’s wealth. Eee? What’s this?” Yang Qi reached into the pile of spirit stones and pulled out a talisman that looked very much like an identity medallion. It was decorated with an image of rich and lush farmlands, golden in color and just waiting to be harvested. Within the medallion were countless consummate energy arts, including saintly-class versions, which were none other than the inheritance left behind by Grand Emperor Rich-Lush.

“Grand Emperor Rich-Lush’s identity medallion?” Yang Qi poured some true energy into it, and could sense it beginning to stir. Without hesitation, he tossed it into the Grand Emperor's Pagoda.


Instantly, the pagoda began to tremble, and it pulsed with an aura like that of a grand emperor. Soon, its energy began to resemble immortal energy, and at the same time, faint immortal motes could be seen in it.

The Grand Emperor's Pagoda was once again in a position to dominate other continents.

“A half-immortal item!” Ghost Emperor Yama exclaimed. “Who would have thought that Grand Emperor Rich-Lush actually reached that level! Yang Qi, now that you have his legacy, this entire continent is yours.”

By killing the Crown Prince, Yang Qi had truly acquired the mantle of Grand Emperor Rich-Lush.

“Of course the continent is mine, and I intend to protect it. Also, I'm going to unify all of the four institutes, and make them part of the Sage Monarch Society. The Sage Ancestor Dynasty will be dispersed, and all hellions will be executed. Henceforth, there will be no aristocratic clans or independent sects.”

With that he waved his hand, sending numerous treasures flying out. He had acquired a massive amount of items from the Great Sages he killed, everything from weapons to spirit stones. Much of it wouldn't be useful to him, but would definitely be of help to the Yang Clan and the Sage Monarch Society.

At the very least, his father would advance by leaps and bounds, and should have no problem reaching the Legendary level. And all of his sworn siblings would be able to break past their bottlenecks and become the powerful leaders he needed for his society.

“You know, Yang Qi,” Ghost Emperor Yama said, “it suddenly occurred to me that the only other Great Sage in the Rich-Lush Continent is Chancellor Sun Moon. If you leave, we'll be in a very dangerous position. A single high-powered invader could bring the entire continent to an end. Don’t forget that the Quake-Dawn Continent has been eyeing us.”

“I’ll take care of that. First, I need to consolidate all of the organizations in the continent into one powerful force.” Waving his hand, he pulled Chancellor Sun Moon out of Sage Monarch City and into his presence.

“Chancellor Sun Moon, I have a task for you. I'm sure you’ll be able to handle it with ease.”

“Sir, yes sir!”

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