Chapter 331: A Complete Rout

The Crown Prince was bashing into the God Legion Paradise with the power of an immortal-spirit, causing cracks to spread out everywhere in the porcelain-colored ground.

Connecting with the will of an immortal was a blessing that led to immense power, and enabled the Crown Prince to send a blast of dazzling light from his halberd into the greyspace of Yang Qi’s personal domain.

Instantly, a dazzling field of stars, a river of silver, appeared around Sage Monarch City.

The Crown Prince’s Wings of the Starry Sky were forming again, and this time, they were even stronger than before.

“Prepare to die, Yang Qi!” he said, striding forward, his halberd burning with immortal motes.

“Not good!” Chancellor Sun Moon said, his face turning pale. “The Crown Prince is already stronger than a Great Sage! Yang Qi is in trouble!”

“Qi’er,” Yang Zhan murmured, his heart pounding.

Everyone else in Sage Monarch City was just as nervous, especially the members of the Yang Clan. Yang Qi was like their patriarch, and if he died, they knew they would all be exterminated by the Crown Prince.

And yet, Yang Qi didn’t seem to be worried at all about the fact that the Crown Prince had called upon an immortal-spirit to possess him. At the moment, he was like an ancient god walking among the world of men, spreading the glory of the Lord.

“Let the halls of heaven come!”

Suddenly, he waved the sleeve of his God Legion Battle Robe, as though he intended to suck the Crown Prince’s entire starry sky into it.


He began to go through the forms of the Fist of the Halls of Heaven, and although he was moving calmly and casually, to the onlookers, he seemed as fast as lightning.

Beams of sagelight shot out like holy dragons, and all of the god-spirits in the God Legion Paradise’s greyspace howled. In the blink of an eye, Yang Qi’s personal domain seemed like the most ancient of lands.

Primal-chaos paleo-energy rose up from deep within the Rich-Lush Continent as the immortal formations therein were activated.

The shattered aspects of the God Legion Paradise were healed, and everything began to tremble violently. As everyone looked on in mute shock, something like the halls of heaven appeared high in the sky. Instantly, the starlight in the area was shaken so badly that the Crown Prince’s Wings of the Starry Sky collapsed into nothing.

The halls of heaven had come.

All planes in the universe, even the immortal planes, could be crushed by the halls of heaven. After all, the halls of heaven belonged to the Sovereign Lord of the universe, who controlled the billions of planes, and the millions upon millions of aspects of reincarnation.

Sage motes began to burn behind Yang Qi as he clenched his hand into a fist, causing the halls of heaven to absolutely destroy all of the Crown Prince’s momentum and power.

“He’s burning those sage motes!”

“Considering how many Great Sages he killed, he has enough sage motes to push his cultivation base much higher. But now, he's actually burning them!”

“What did he just summon? The halls of heaven?”

“His aura is so strong that we couldn’t even get close to him if we tried.”

Some of the Great Sages had been considering making a move to help the Crown Prince, but then the halls of heaven descended, and its holy light made them feel like their sage motes were about to burst into flame. As for Yun Hailan, she directly coughed up a huge mouthful of blood.

‘How could this be happening?’ she thought. The fact that the Crown Prince had reached out to an immortal-spirit was a terrifying thought, and yet, that power was completely kept in check by the halls of heaven.

The Crown Prince had lost his source of power, as well as his Wings of the Starry Sky. He was now in a very bad position.

“You severed my connection to the higher plane?!” the Crown Prince growled. His immortal motes were fading, and at long last, a look of terror could be seen in his eyes.

“The halls of heaven belongs to the legion of gods, and will tolerate no outside auras.” As the halls of heaven hung over the God Legion Paradise, Yang Qi faced the Crown Prince and unleashed another devastating attack.


The Crown Prince defended himself with his Immortal-Slayer's War-Halberd, and yet, he still staggered backward, coughing up blood.

Then, he turned and ran! Without any hesitation, he flew over to the Great Sages from the Quake-Dawn Cathedral.

“All of you draw on your sage motes!” he shouted. “Yang Qi is going all out! He's burning those sage motes to get power, but that won’t keep him going for long. Once they burn out, we can kill him!”

Yang Qi took a step forward, although to everyone else, it looked like little more than a blur of sagelight. “You think I'm going all out? You people aren’t worthy of that.”

One of the Great Sages from the Quake-Dawn Cathedral tried to stop him. In response, Yang Qi punched him, causing him to explode into a haze of blood that was quickly evaporated by sagelight.

Every move he was using was deadly and intended to kill.

“Run!” That was what the other Great Sages began to shout as they saw another of their number slaughtered. Completely ignoring the Crown Prince, they tried to flee.

“The God Legion Paradise can lock down space-time. The glory of the halls of heaven will reign in the mortal world for all eternity.” Yang Qi waved his hands out in front of him, and the halls grew larger than before.

All the Great Sages who had just taken to flight suddenly slammed into a barrier of sagelight that was harder than the hardest metal.

At this point, the Crown Prince was scrambling to flee.

However, that was when Yang Qi took another step forward.


Another Great Sage exploded and transformed into ash. He had been a powerful member of the Quake-Dawn Cathedral, but in the face of Yang Qi’s Fist of the Halls of Heaven, he couldn’t even defend himself. In the blink of an eye, his sage motes became part of the God Legion Paradise.

“Great Sage Heart-Incarnation, hurry. Let’s get out of here!” One of the Great Sages from the Western Continent called out to one of his companions, and yet, before he could do anything else, Yang Qi appeared in front of him and ripped him to shreds. Not even his skeleton remained behind.

Most of the lower-level experts from the Rich-Lush Continent were laying on the ground, trembling, averting their gazes from what was happening.

However, some dared to look up, and what they saw was one Great Sage after another being cut down in the God Legion Paradise.

“Another Great Sage, dead!”

“He’s crushing Great Sages like chicken eggs!”

“Those are all-powerful Great Sages who can dominate the world! How could he be defeating them each with only a single blow?”

“This Yang Qi, is he a god, or a devil!? Nobody can fight him!”

A roar of rage could be heard as Yang Qi approached the emperor of the Sky-Heaven Dynasty. He struck out, and the emperor was engulfed with sagelight, causing him to evaporate into a wisp of smoke.

A mighty emperor died, just like that.

Of the six Great Sages from the Western Continent, three were dead.

Boom! Bang!

In one short breath of time, two Great Sages from the Quake-Dawn Cathedral became ash.

Streams of sagelight filled the God Legion Paradise, which was filling with more and more sage motes. The Crown Prince was in full retreat, and could hardly defend himself. Yun Hailan stuck close to him, her face a mask of despair as she watched the nightmarish scene of Great Sages dropping like flies.

“Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!” Emperor Sage-Ancestor blubbered. Dropping to his knees, he said, “I was forced into this. The Crown Prince made me try to kill you. I’m willing to renounce the darkness and seek the light! If you want to found a new dynasty in the Rich-Lush Continent, I’ll abdicate and pass the torch to the Yang Clan! I can even—”


Before he could finish speaking, he exploded. 

“It's a bit late for that,” Yang Qi said.

The emperor of the Sage Ancestor Dynasty had just perished.

Of the original five Great Sages of the Rich-Lush Continent, three had been killed by Yang Qi.

“When the legion of gods strolls among mortals, their glory purifies all filth. The sordid world of men can only be cleansed by the glory of sagelight. That is the exclusive way to acquire eternal life!”

The Infernal Deity Spear appeared in his hand, and he threw it out, pinning a fleeing Great Sage from the Quake-Dawn Cathedral into the greyspace of the God Legion Paradise.

Millions of projections of the spear then appeared, glowing with sage motes as they flew forth. An agonized shriek rang out as another Great Sage died.

The Crown Prince was fleeing, and no one was there to protect him.

The nine Great Sages from the Quake-Dawn Cathedral were all dead.

“My god! So many Great Sages are dead….”

“It's a complete rout! Nobody in this entire continent can do anything about Yang Qi. He has so many sage motes it looks like a net!”

“Look, another Great Sage died! None of the people from the Quake-Dawn Cathedral are left alive.”

“Chancellor Sea God, dead. Chancellor True Dragon, dead. Emperor Sky-Heaven and Emperor Sage-Ancestor, both dead. Of the eighteen Great Sages, there are only three left, the survivors from the Western Continent!”

Chancellor Sun Moon was trembling, and musing that he was lucky to be on Yang Qi’s side. If he wasn’t, he would probably be dead already.

It almost seemed like Yang Qi had been possessed by a god-spirit, providing him with shocking battle prowess.

Suddenly, three screams rang out as the Infernal Deity Spear ended the lives of the final three Great Sages from the Western Continent.

Every single one of the Great Sages that the Crown Prince had brought with him were dead. It was truly like a nightmare.

And now, Yang Qi had so many sage motes that they were like a net on the surface of the God Legion Paradise’s greyspace.

The Crown Prince held Yun Hailan in his arms, his face alive with terror as he backed away, scarcely able to believe what he was seeing.

He had lost.

Eighteen Great Sages were dead. 

It was hard to quantify that in terms of quintessence-blood or vital energy. Their sage motes had all been taken, and placed into the God Legion Paradise, which now pulsed with shocking power.

As Yang Qi hovered there, his white God Legion Battle Robe didn’t have a speck of blood on it. It shone with sagelight, pure and clean. And above him hovered the halls of heaven, making any calls to immortal-spirits completely futile.

When the legion of gods exacted punishment, what would immortal-spirits dare to do?

With that, Yang Qi pointed his Infernal Deity Spear at the Crown Prince and Yun Hailan.

“Alright, Crown Prince, Yun Hailan. Eighteen Great Sages have all been executed and sacrificed to my God Legion Paradise. And now, it’s your turn.”

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