Chapter 329: Devouring Everything

The Crown Prince had brought eighteen Great Sages to kill Yang Qi and exterminate everyone he knew.

Instead, they had been stopped in their tracks. Actually, Yang Qi had even begun to kill them. No one could do a thing about his savagery.

In fact, if the Crown Prince hadn’t taken action, then all of the other Great Sages would likely have been wiped out already.

The six Great Sages from the Western Continent, and Emperor Sage-Ancestor, were filled with immense regret that they had joined the Crown Prince in this endeavor.

Unfortunately, if you ride a tiger, it's hard to get off, and that was exactly the position they were in now.

Countless streams of primal-chaos paleo-energy were rushing to Yang Qi’s God Legion Paradise, keeping the entire area completely locked down, and making it impossible for the Great Sages to escape.

“He’s locked down Sage Monarch City!” a Great Sage shouted, his voice trembling with terror. “He's not going to let us live!”

Fear was spreading like crazy, and it wasn’t just the Great Sages who were affected. The Crown Prince had brought many other elites from various clans and sects, and now, all of them were trembling like chickens.

Never could any of them have guessed that Yang Qi would be so ferocious and invincible.

Most of them were coming to the conclusion that killing him was nothing but wishful thinking. It was as if the more he fought, the stronger he got. He had made it impossible to escape Sage Monarch City, and not even the Crown Prince seemed capable of getting the upper hand in the fight.

At long last, it was possible to see fear in Yun Hailan’s eyes. She was terrified of Yang Qi, and simply couldn’t believe that his battle prowess was so incredibly shocking. He killed Great Sages, and then harvested their energy to become stronger. Even the Crown Prince, who she thought of as something like a deva from heaven, was actually incapable of tangling with him.

If she could have fled, she would have, but unfortunately, that wasn't possible.

In the depths of the God Legion Paradise, surrounded by boundless sagelight, was Yang Qi’s soul, and it was locked down onto her hard and fast. Perhaps others present might have been able to escape by certain means, but Yang Qi was too set on killing her.

A very serious expression covered the Crown Prince’s face as he slashed his halberd back and forth with increasingly violent vigor. Everything that was happening was vastly beyond anything he could have predicted. Not only was Yang Qi strong enough to stand up to him, his Superlative Defense made him impervious even to a whole group of Great Sages.

The Crown Prince had always viewed Yang Qi as little more than a bug, but now, he was proving to be like a gigantic dragon from primeval times.

If he had known things would end up like this, he would have done anything and everything he could to kill him back in the Inter-Institutional Martial Arts Competition. Unfortunately, he had not, which he now realized was one of the biggest mistakes he had ever made.

“Yang Qi, you despicable ant. Do you really think that you, a Personal-Domain Legendary, can defeat me, a Great Sage? I'm a god from heaven descended into the mortal world! I come from a higher plane of existence in the universe, making you like dirt beneath my feet! The Wrath of Heaven Chastises Gods!”

His Immortal-Slayer's War-Halberd swept back and forth, its crescent blades creating an enormous spell formation.

Instantly, a devastating aura descended onto the God Legion Paradise.

The Great Sages all stopped fighting and backed up as an enormous eye formed in the middle of the formation, which seemed to glow with the wrath of heaven.

“The Wrath of Heaven Chastises Gods!? That represents the full fury of the vault of heaven! The Crown Prince is drawing upon the wrath of heaven!”

“That’s a consummate art that was thought to be lost in the sands of time!”

“According to the rumors, this really is the manifestation of the rage of heaven!” 

“He’s dead for sure!”

After drawing upon the wrath of heaven, the Crown Prince threw his halberd over his shoulder and leaped into the air, like a divine dragon flying in the sky, or a mighty whale breaching the surface of the ocean.

He was an ancient god whose steps could crush mountains, and whose power shocked all onlookers to the core.

Everything trembled violently, and the porcelain ground of the God Legion Paradise began to crack. Finally, the Crown Prince was baring his fangs.

And yet, Yang Qi stood there as tall and strong as a mountain. At the same time, three enormous arms of true energy sprouted out from him, each of them fully three hundred meters long. One held the Heaven-Dominating Golden Swordbreaker, the other the Grand Emperor's Pagoda, and the third, the Infernal Deity Spear.

Meanwhile, his two physical hands, empty, swept out in front of him, causing sagelight to erupt as the ancient halls of heaven appeared once again. 

Yet again, it was the Fist of the Halls of Heaven!

His God Legion Battle Robe fluttered wildly, and his hair whipped about him as, instead of trying to avoid The Wrath of Heaven Chastises Gods, he leaped directly toward the eye that represented it.

And when the Fist of the Halls of Heaven smashed into the formation, the eye was ripped to shreds. The wrath of heaven had been vanquished!

“The legion of gods created the vault of heaven,” Yang Qi said. “And you dare to chastise them?”

Another attack having been completely neutralized, the Crown Prince shouted, “Immortal armor!”

The killing intent in his eyes raged even more intensely than before. Burning his quintessence energy like fire, he howled, causing a suit of armor to spread out over him. Obviously, this was a magical treasure, not an expression of true energy, and even more telling, it was inscribed with the written script of immortals.

“That’s immortal armor! It wasn’t created by a sage, but by an immortal!” 

“Look, it has immortal motes on it!”

“At the very least, it was forged by a Demi-Immortal.”

“The Crown Prince actually has a suit of immortal armor!”

“That aura is so powerful! Those must be immortal motes left behind by some Demi-Immortal expert. With that armor on, the Crown Prince is like a tiger with wings! Now he’s really going to be able to fight! Come on, let’s join forces to distract Yang Qi. Keep him pinned down, and that way the Crown Prince will be able to make full use of his immortal armor.”

Howling with rage, the Great Sages formed ranks again and unleashed more dazzling attacks, as well as a variety of sage domains that began to compete with the God Legion Paradise.

“Superlative Defense!” Yang Qi yet again shrank the God Legion Paradise down to a small size to rebuff all of the incoming assaults.

Meanwhile, the Crown Prince’s suit of armor radiated boundless immortal power, the aura of a powerful Demi-Immortal.

Without any hesitation, he stamped his foot, and as a result, the primal-chaos vital energy spell formation started crumbling. 

“Yang Qi, I have to admit that, despite being a mere Personal-Domain Legendary, your cultivation base makes you a worthy opponent. How else could you have put me in this position? Unfortunately, your momentum ends here! I am a majestic Great Sage! Immortal motes!”

Immortal motes appeared on the surface of his nameless suit of armor, which were vastly more powerful than sage motes; and right now, they swirled about dizzyingly, covering his face, hands, skin, and halberd.

He took a step forward, with his very stride conforming to the fury of heaven. As he proceeded forward, the land beneath him collapsed, and the vital energy was thrown into chaos. Then, his halberd slashed through the air to slam into the greyspace of the God Legion Paradise.

At this point, the Superlative Defense finally shattered, and the God Legion Paradise was left wide open.


“Kill him! The primal-chaos paleo-energy is being held back!”

“His Superlative Defense is broken! He’s not invincible anymore.”

“Our only hope is to kill him!”

Brilliant light shone everywhere as the remaining Great Sages once again attacked Yang Qi with full force.

Thanks to the Crown Prince’s immortal armor and motes, Yang Qi was finally open to attack.

As for the Crown Prince, he was already in Yang Qi’s personal domain, and it was as quick as lightning that he unleashed another move, sending his halberd directly toward Yang Qi’s neck to remove his head.

As for the other Great Sages, they closed in on the core of his personal domain, where they saw absolutely nothing in terms of defenses. They hated Yang Qi down to their bones, especially the ones from the Western Continent, and therefore, they led the charge.

Yang Qi stood in the middle of the God Legion Paradise, his expression one of complete placidity, without a trace of fear. Then, he began to speak lightly in Godtongue, “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Tribulation to tribulation, flood to flood. Any who profane the paradise of the legion of gods will be punished!”


All of a sudden, water began to pour down from the greyspace of the personal domain, quickly forming a surging sea. It was pitch black water that could corrode bones and souls, that could eradicate all living beings, that could drown the host of immortals and even reach the halls of heaven and the legion of gods.

It was a Jambudvīpa Deluge!

An agonized shriek rang out as Great Sage Pure Emptiness, who was in the lead, bore the brunt of the Jambudvīpa Deluge. In the blink of an eye, his skin began to melt, and before he could do anything, his bones were revealed, which also began to dissolve. 

A moment later, he was gone.

A Great Sage had vanished like nothing into the waters of the Jambudvīpa Deluge.

Water swept forth, filling the pure land of Yang Qi’s personal domain, to bear down on all the Great Sages who had been following Great Sage Pure Emptiness.

“It’s a Jambudvīpa Deluge! How could that be here, in this personal domain!? It can even melt Great Sages into nothing! Retreat! Retreat! We have to get out of his domain, otherwise we're all dead!”

The emperor of the Sky-Heaven Dynasty was hit with the flood water, and one of his sage items was destroyed. At the same time, his arm withered away into nothing, and numerous other wounds opened up on his body. Screaming, he put everything on the line to fall backward, and thus barely escaped with his life.

The rest of the Great Sages scattered like rats, screeching in fear.

The only one left behind was Pure Emptiness, although, technically speaking, there actually wasn’t anything of him left. His sage motes, his quintessence energy, his soul, his flesh and blood; all of them had been destroyed by the Jambudvīpa Deluge.

Meanwhile, the God Legion Paradise was already repairing itself, and the breach the Crown Prince had opened in its greyspace was closing up, leaving him trapped inside.

Thanks to the Crown Prince’s immortal armor, he was protected from the Jambudvīpa Deluge, which completely covered him. However, his eyes were now shining with both terror and fury.

As of this moment, the power of the tribulation was almost completely negating the power of his immortal armor.

“So, you can actually summon a Jambudvīpa Deluge! That’s not your own power, is it Yang Qi!?” Hefting his halberd, he tried to launch another attack, but the tribulation water made it impossible for him to keep focused on a target.

“What do you know about me and my power, Crown Prince?” Yang Qi replied. “Watch. I'm going to show you what true tribulation is like!” Throwing his arms wide, he said, “Ghosts and gods of heaven and earth, come to me! Ghost-God Transformation!”

Countless wormholes popped into being in the God Legion Paradise, and more Jambudvīpa Deluge water appeared.

Shockingly, Yang Qi was taking advantage of this moment to break through to the Ghost-God Transformation!

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