Chapter 328: Total Annihilation

Two famous, hegemonic rulers, Chancellor Sea God and Chancellor True Dragon, died. Just like that. In the blink of an eye, they became two portraits, etchings that would exist for all eternity in the depths of the God Legion Paradise.

They were powerful overlords, but they did not die at the hands of some high-level Great Sage. No, they were killed by a mere Personal-Domain Legendary.

Perhaps it could even be said that they died unfairly, in very woeful fashion.

It only served to highlight how strong Yang Qi was, considering that he had completely and thoroughly annihilated them. Despite being attacked by a whole group of Great Sages, he had not suffered any setbacks whatsoever, and had launched a counter-strike of the most lethal nature.

Probably most terrifying of all was the fact that the God Legion Paradise’s Superlative Defense had ensured that the seventeen deadly attacks levied against him hadn’t even injured him.

The sage motes belonging to the two victims immediately began to disperse, but before they could, red light shot out from the Yore-Wilds’ Heart fragment, grabbing them and placing them behind Yang Qi, where they swirled about like bright red dragons.

With the sage motes of two chancellors, he could reach an even higher level of enlightenment, making him stronger and more terrifying. In the blink of an eye, his control over the primal-chaos paleo-energy improved. In fact, everyone present suddenly felt as if there were a primeval immortal-spirit nearby, an ancient god of the primal-chaos.

There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that after killing the two Great Sages and taking their sage motes, Yang Qi would be able to unleash the primal-chaos paleo-energy and the immortal formations to even greater effect. In fact, his control over the plane in general would have improved.

Ghost Emperor Yama was literally shivering. ‘He’s so incredibly fierce! He killed two Great Sages with one attack?! And he’s only in the sixth Legendary transformation. Nobody like this existed even in the Yore-Wilds Continent. In fact, I doubt the immortal planes have people like him! And he hasn’t even used the God Legion Seal yet. This power belongs to him and him alone. I wonder how terrifying he’ll be if he reaches the Great Sage level. I doubt even I could deal with him.’

Yang Qi still had to reach the Ghost-God Transformation, the Astral-Star Transformation, the Never-Dying Transformation, and eventually, the Half Sage level. Each of those breakthroughs would be shocking to an immense degree.

Ghost Emperor Yama couldn’t even wrap his mind around what Yang Qi would be like after all that.

After absorbing the sage motes, Yang Qi’s true energy was stupefyingly powerful. The holy light that glowed in the God Legion Paradise was brighter than ever, and it was even possible to hear holy hymns echoing about. At the same time, godmammoth particles within him began to wake up.

One hundred thousand.

Five hundred thousand.

One million.

Three million.

Five million!

In the shortest of moments, five million particles woke up, putting his total at the staggering level of ten million.

That put him far beyond the strength of an ordinary Great Sage.

The power of the two chancellors’ sage motes and true energy was so immense that it seemed as though the God Legion Paradise might not be able to handle it. However, Yang Qi had been prepared for such an outcome, and quickly drew on the Yore-Wilds’ Heart to neutralize the effects. As long as no one could destroy the heart fragment, then it would be able to absorb virtually any force, and convert it into power for Yang Qi.

That was one of the terrifying aspects of the God Legion Paradise, and was also the reason that, when it was being formed, it had incited the Jambudvīpa Deluge.

His true energy had essentially doubled, going from five million megamammoths to ten million. It was truly a wonderful gift that the two chancellors had given him.

All of these things happened in the blink of an eye. From the moment the seventeen Great Sages attacked, to when Yang Qi revealed his Superlative Defense, to the counter-attack and slaughter of the two chancellors, almost no time passed. And yet, to the onlookers, it was almost as if ten thousand years had gone by.

Within their minds was a clear image of Yang Qi, glowing with sagelight, destroying the chests of the two chancellors, and then absorbing them without the slightest hesitation.

“Well done, Yang Qi,” the Crown Prince said. “Well done! Apparently, I shall be the one to destroy you!” He couldn’t hold back any longer. He took a step forward, and was instantly surrounded by wind, lightning, dragons, tigers, black turtles, and the like. Hundreds of thousands of sword nimbuses appeared, manifestations of swords that could cleave apart all creation, and slash primal-chaos paleo-energy into pieces.

Crack! Snap!

It was with flourishing immortal will that he stepped into Yang Qi’s sagelight, and headed toward his God Legion Paradise.

“Immortal-Slayer's War-Halberd!” he shouted. Ripping open the void, he produced a dual-crescent-bladed halberd. It was not the weapon he had used to fight Young Master Shroud-Heaven, but something more powerful and mysterious, something that could sever mountains and rivers, and whose aura was like a heaven-immortal descending into the world, an immortal king arriving into the lands of mortals.

“Hear my commands, Great Sages,” he said. “I will personally execute this brutish bastard. Meanwhile, the lot of you break through the primal-chaos paleo-energy and into the city. Slaughter everyone, including his family, friends, sworn brothers and sisters, and everyone from the Sun Moon Institute.”

Considering that Yang Qi had just cut down the two chancellors, it was obvious that the Crown Prince had to do something immediately, lest he lose all face.

With that, he hefted his halberd, and the crescent-shaped blades shone with brilliant light, pulsing as though the weapon contained the vengeful souls of immortal-spirits. It was stained with the blood of the countless beings it had put an end to, including giant dragons, chymeras, gobblewocks and other divine beasts. It was impossible to say what the weapon was forged from, but it had sage motes, allowing it to erupt with brilliant sagelight, which the Crown Prince sent flying toward the God Legion Paradise. The instant it hit, the wail of ghosts and gods erupted out, and the fleeting images of immortal planes rose up behind Yang Qi.

The Crown Prince had finally made his move!

“Heaven-Dominating Golden Swordbreaker!” Yang Qi said. Face completely expressionless, he waved his hand to summon his enormous golden swordbreaker, which weighed as much as ten thousand golden mountains. “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Expand, God Legion Paradise. Everyone who wants to harm my friends and family shall die.”

The God Legion Paradise expanded outward rapidly, until it contained all of Sage Monarch City, as well as the Great Sages who had just made their move to attack it.

As for the images of Chancellor Sea God and Chancellor True Dragon, they also grew larger, and even more lifelike.

“The Crown Prince is going to kill Yang Qi!” shouted one of the Great Sages from the Quake-Dawn Cathedral. “The evil monster won’t be able to hold out much longer. Come on, let’s join forces to destroy his personal domain, and slaughter everyone he knows! The distraction to Yang Qi will be his undoing!”


The Heaven-Dominating Golden Swordbreaker made contact with the Immortal-Slayer's War-Halberd, and stopped it in its tracks. Meanwhile, an enormous, holy hand appeared behind Yang Qi, clasping a long, lightning-wreathed spear covered with the images of numerous hells. The Hells of Euphoria, Yamas, Suras, Nagas, Never-Ending, Mud Pits, Misery, and more.

The spear shot forth with unstoppable momentum, like an infernal deity out to collect souls. When night fell, the lives of human beings shone brightly, and although evening was a beautiful thing, when the primeval infernal deities arrived, their deadly spears could stab the sun out of existence.


The power of the spear overwhelmed the sun, and darkness and gloom enveloped the lands.

The Great Sage who had just spoken let out an anguished scream, and before he could even react, he was pinned to the ground by the Infernal Deity Spear.

As his blood flowed out onto the porcelain ground of the God Legion Paradise like a bright red river, his sage motes were quickly absorbed and purified.

Another Great Sage had fallen.

As of this moment, of the eighteen Great Sages who had come to face Yang Qi, one had been mortally wounded in the initial charge, and two, the chancellors, were dead. Now, another one had been killed. There were only fourteen Great Sages left.

“Dammit. He killed another one! Not even the Crown Prince’s halberd can keep him in check. Even while fighting the Crown Prince, he still managed to kill another one of the sages!”

Countless people were backing away in fear of Yang Qi, as they realized that he was a person who slaughtered Great Sages like they were stray dogs.

When the Infernal Deity Spear entered the world of men, the light of evening abounded, and a symphony of death filled the world.


The Heaven-Dominating Golden Swordbreaker once again connected with the Immortal-Slayer's War-Halberd, making it more obvious than ever that neither of these combatants was weaker than the other. 

All of a sudden, Yang Qi shouted, “Hell of Melting Gold! Give me your power!”


A space-time wormhole opened up above his head, out of which poured golden paleo-devils, which entered the Heaven-Dominating Golden Swordbreaker, and gave it even more astonishing levels of power.

The Crown Prince’s eyes were like twin blades that could slice apart heaven as he hefted his halberd. Then, he began to swing it out in front of him in a prescribed set of movements that conformed to the orbit of stars and the workings of heaven.

“Reincarnation of the Immortal-Slayer! The Dao of Heaven is Fickle!”

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