Chapter 324: Savage Compulsion

The Crown Prince didn’t care about the hundred-day time limit the chancellor had set.

The first thing he wanted to do now that he was back was kill Yang Qi.

He was the type of person who would defy all laws and principles, break any and all rules. He wouldn’t allow anyone to tell him what to do. If he wanted to thrash someone, he would thrash them. If he wanted to kill them, he would kill them. Anyone who he didn’t like would end up dead. He was aggressive and domineering no matter what he did.

He was the Crown Prince, and at his very core, he was wildly arrogant, and incredibly powerful. He was a leader who intended to conquer the world.

More than two months had already passed, which meant that there were well over twenty days until the deadline. But that didn’t matter.

Raising her voice, Yun Hailan said, “Yang Qi never qualified to make a move against the great Crown Prince. And yet, he has been bedeviled by Ghost Emperor Yama. Furthermore, he has apparently begun to cultivate devil arts, corrupting the sage spirits of the Planar Pearl, and giving the false impression that he saved the entire plane. The Crown Prince’s duty is to rid the world of devils and demons, and thus he will...

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