Chapter 320: Sixth Legendary Transformation

Just like that, the will of an immortal vanished, and Yang Qi incited the power of the God Legion Seal.

The truth was that, moments ago, when the will of the immortal wrapped him up, he actually had plenty of energy left to fight. However, he had intentionally enticed the will of the immortal into his forehead so that it would encounter the God Legion Seal.

There was no way the God Legion Seal would allow the will of an immortal to stir up trouble in its presence. In fact, the God Legion Seal hadn’t even fully activated; it had only stirred, sending out a bit of golden light into his sea of consciousness that was more than enough to vanquish the will of the immortal and seriously injure Ghost Emperor Yama.

Yang Qi closed his eyes and focused inwardly, and realized that somehow, the God Legion Seal seemed more powerful than before, and the golden imp seemed larger and more complete. As his cultivation base improved, it was as if golden light from somewhere out in the void was collecting into the golden imp.

Just as Ghost Emperor Yama had speculated, the God Legion Seal had actually been broken at some point in the past, and was resting within Yang Qi to recover and recuperate.

Once he...

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