Chapter 314: Ballad of the Dao Testimonial

The lazy, white-robed Chaoguang was both extremely strong, and profoundly mysterious. There was a strange power within him, to the point that his Ballad of the Dao Testimonial could actually tug at the hearts and minds of the most powerful of experts, pushing them into an empty state of enlightenment in which their dao would begin to conform to his.

Unfortunately for him, now that Yang Qi was a Yin-Yang Legendary, there was absolutely no way that Chaoguang could struggle against him. He was like a baby chicken in the face of a roc with a ninety-thousand-kilometer wingspan.

He struggled, causing shafts of divine light to emanate out from him, and yet he couldn’t even budge within Yang Qi’s grasp. In the blink of an eye, all of the shafts of light shattered.

Yang Qi ignored his struggling. After all, he just wanted him to sing his Ballad of the Dao Testimonial, and watch him practice his cultivation for enlightenment purposes.

“Listen, Chaoguang, I know that you come from some powerful organization. It’s obvious you’ve been plotting against me, but sadly, you’re only a Half Sage, so you’re not strong enough to do anything. Not even Great Sages qualify to scheme against me, so what makes you think...

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