Chapter 311: Taking the Fragment

The Yore-Wilds’ Heart fragment had not emerged, and yet, blood-red vital energy was already erupting out into the open.

It was an ancient and wild energy, even the smallest bit of which could crush mountain peaks to bits. And anyone who tried to absorb it would find their meridians shattered, and would then drop dead.

Even the nine sages who were trying to reel in the fragment could barely breathe, and had unleashed their sage domains to protect themselves.

If the energy were allowed to spread out further and develop, it would transform into mountains, rivers, crystals, and perhaps even form an entire plane. It was preheaven energy and power that no person could absorb, with the exception of Yang Qi.

The holy power inside of him was already splicing that vital energy for personal use.

On the one hand, it was vital energy that contained everything and anything: yin and yang, the five phases, the wild and aeonic past, the universe and the chiliocosm, the sun, the moon, and all creation. It was everything mixed together. On the other hand, it was the purest energy possible, capable of transforming Yang Qi’s meridians, sea of energy, five viscera,...

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