Chapter 310: Black Golden Dragon-Smelting Cauldron

Clicking his tongue, Ghost Emperor Yama said, “How very ruthless of you, Yang Qi. You left those people from the Hall of Ninjas either dead or running, and got their Black Golden Dragon-Smelting Cauldron to boot. The Quake-Dawn Cathedral just suffered a big loss, and they’re definitely going to do something about it. They’ll probably even send a Great Sage after you.”

Of course, the sight of Yang Qi cutting down people from the Quake-Dawn Cathedral actually caused Ghost Emperor Yama to nod inwardly in approval. Even still, he hadn’t joined in the attack.

He actually wanted Yang Qi to force the Quake-Dawn Cathedral’s hand, and get them to send some top experts out to try to kill him. Once Yang Qi was in the position of not being able to defend himself, then either the God Legion Seal would destroy the experts from the Quake-Dawn Cathedral, or Yang Qi would end up dead. Either way, Ghost Emperor Yama would benefit.

Just thinking about that got him excited.

Everything was going according to his master plan.

‘Ah, Crown Prince, I really have to thank you. If you...

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