Chapter 305: There’s a Way

“G-godly… godly-class energy art?” Chancellor Sun Moon stammered, his mind spinning. The top-secret art practiced in the Sun Moon Institute was the Grand Radiance Scripture, but it was only saintly-class. And not even he could gain complete enlightenment of it. Of course, even saintly-class arts could be divided into categories based on their quality, and the high-level type were rarely seen.

Beyond saintly-class were the heavenly-class arts, which were the thing of fables even in the Yore-Wilds Continent. They were supposedly descended from heaven itself, and only the most powerful individuals from the most powerful organizations would have them.

As for godly-class arts, they surpassed heavenly-class arts exponentially. They were the remnants of shattered universes and gods, and even a scrap of one, a tiny remnant, could cause entire immortal planes to go to war.

And now, Ghost Emperor Yama was casually saying that Yang Qi had a godly-class energy art? And not a low-level one, but rather, one of the most powerful types? How could Chancellor Sun Moon not be completely bowled over?

In fact, he actually didn’t believe...

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