Chapter 304: Progress

“A few months ago, when you went to the Western Continent, I assumed that I could get in touch with you using the talisman, to tell you when Young Master Shroud-Heaven and I planned to go to the Superheaven Badlands to kill the Crown Prince. But then….”

As they sat down to hear Hua Tianxiong’s story, Ghost Emperor Yama teleported them back to the Sun Moon Institute.

Ghost Emperor Yama was also interested in the Crown Prince. After all, he had hoped to use him as a pawn in the past, although that effort had failed.

It was now clear that the Crown Prince was actually from an immortal plane. However, to Ghost Emperor Yama, that still didn’t make him worthy of compare to Yang Qi. After all, the God Legion Seal far surpassed anything that could come from an immortal plane.

Back in the ancient era, it wasn’t unheard-of for immortals to descend to the Yore-Wilds Continent, which wasn’t an immortal plane itself, but was close to it. As such, Ghost Emperor Yama had heard a lot of stories of immortals, and had even seen some treasures left behind by them.

Demi-Immortals were called half-immortal. As for beings who surpassed that cultivation level, they were actual immortals.

Back in those days, Ghost Emperor Yama had looked up to immortals...

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