Chapter 303: Supreme Devil Might

Ghost Emperor Yama looked around and said, “Soul-gathering flags. A soul-restoring altar. An altar lamp. This is the Sun Moon Soul-Harvesting Grand Energy Art. Not bad. Not bad at all. Unfortunately for you, little chancellor, your cultivation base is just too low. Only high-level Great Sages could manipulate magical laws to make this work. That said, I'm curious as to why that brat chancellor from the Demi-Immortal Institute is so strong. He’s no weaker than me, and he has a very dangerous aura. I wonder if he got some sort of powerful legacy.”

It was obvious that Chancellor Demi-Immortal was far stronger than Chancellor Sun Moon. However, the former kept his true skill and power hidden. He might seem soft on the outside, but Ghost Emperor Yama actually feared him quite a bit. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have agreed to Yang Qi’s suggestions so quickly.

Chancellor Sun-Moon didn't seem offended that he had just been called weak. For one thing, Ghost Emperor Yama was so far above him, if word got out about what he said, it would be no loss of face. Furthermore,...

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