Chapter 302: Restoring a Soul

If there was any hope that Hua Tianxiong could be brought back to life, Yang Qi would do his best to make it happen. Having a powerful expert like Ghost Emperor Yama on his side was turning out to be very useful. Without him, dealing with the chancellor earlier wouldn’t have been so easy.

Right now, Yang Qi planned to save Hua Tianxiong, and then call all of his sworn siblings and clan relatives together. Then, he would do everything in his power to make sure everyone achieved major progress.

Furthermore, he wanted to know more about the unsuccessful attempt Hua Tianxiong and Young Master Shroud-Heaven had made on the Crown Prince’s life. For example, exactly how strong was the Crown Prince now? He absolutely needed to know that.

At the moment, Ghost Emperor Yama could hardly contain his excitement, and wanted nothing more than to bring Hua Tianxiong back to life so that he could get the rest of the scripture Yang Qi had just tantalized him with.

As time went by, Ghost Emperor Yama was becoming more and more convinced of how strong Yang Qi was. The fact that...

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