Chapter 301: One Hundred Days

Everyone present was shocked to the core. Who could have ever guessed that the chancellor would actually suggest a compromise?

He was backing down, and even letting Yang Qi and the Crown Prince fight it out to become his successor. As such, Yang Qi didn’t need to formally leave the Demi-Immortal Institute.

It was absurd. Ridiculously, astonishingly absurd.

However, the crowd also realized that, to some extent, the chancellor’s decision made sense. Yang Qi was in a position of incredible power, and had the support of Ghost Emperor Yama. He could already kill Half Sages, and if he could defeat the Crown Prince, then it would prove that he was strong enough to take control of the institute.

The chancellor essentially had two choices. Let Yang Qi leave the institute, and make him an enemy. Or keep him, and potentially benefit the institute. Why wouldn’t he pick the latter?

Clicking his tongue, Ghost Emperor Yama said, “Very clever, little chancellor. Bravo on being able to let go of your position so easily. I can't help but admire you for that. Even in the days of the...

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