Chapter 298: Rage of the Ghost Emperor

All of a sudden, Great Sage Quake-Cloud was bathed in holy light, and his head grew back. 

“Flesh and Blood Rebirth; Quake-Dawn God Magic!”

It was a powerful divine ability that only Great Sages could utilize. However, despite the fact that he had avoided death, Great Sage Quake-Cloud was completely terrified by what had just occurred, and lost all sense of courage. He had assumed that the sinister-looking old man with Yang Qi was a nobody. How could he ever have guessed that what he assumed was a bunny rabbit was actually a devil-dragon!?

After all, Ghost Emperor Yama had sealed his aura perfectly, making it seem that he was nothing more than a low-level Legendary. Although Legendaries were still looked up to, in the Demi-Immortal Institute, they weren’t particularly noteworthy.

Nobody could ever have guessed that he was really a devil king from primeval times, someone who was tens of thousands of years old. He was someone who could destroy anything and everything, who could reduce the world...

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