Chapter 296: That’s All the Evidence You Have?

After hearing Jiang Fan’s story, many in the crowd began to whisper among themselves about the fiendish monster that was Yang Qi.

“I never could have guessed that Yang Qi was this diabolical. Even back when he was a puny outer campus student, he actually dared to kill Chu Tiange! And then he arranged for Song Haishan and Gu Fenxian to be killed too.”

“That’s nothing. The key here is that he slaughtered a bunch of conclave students. And do you know who Elder Brother Huang Hou is? He’s an invincible Space-Void Legendary! Yang Qi actually kidnapped him and used him as a weapon against the Crown Prince.”

“Thankfully the Crown Prince is a blessed person, and managed to recover. If he hadn't, Yang Qi might have gotten away with all this.”

“He actually colluded with people from other institutes to murder our future chancellor! That’s definitely worthy of the death penalty.”

“Yeah, but I heard he’s backed by someone really powerful.”

“It doesn’t matter. The evidence is iron-clad! He’s dead!”


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