Chapter 295: Difficult Questions

“Hey, get over here!” Yang Qi waved his hand, causing a raging wind to spring up and grab some nearby members of the Crown Prince Society who had noticed him and then averted their gazes.

They were all Lifeseizers, and included both elite and conclave students, indicating that they were both strong, and had high positions. However, compared to Yang Qi, they weren’t even ants.

At this point, the only person in the Demi-Immortal Institute who could do anything to Yang Qi would be the chancellor. Even if all the other students joined forces, they wouldn’t be able to fight him.

After all, he wasn’t worried about a large-scale battle.

If necessary, he could summon an army of fiend-devils from the void, including giant snakes from the Hell of Nagas.

Truth be told, even people from the Quake-Dawn Continent would have to form a team of dozens of Legendaries to fight a giant snake of the same level as them. So what need was there to even mention people from the Rich-Lush Continent?

“We're under attack!” screamed one of the conclave students. “Quick, report the matter to the elders and prime elders in the Minorcosm...

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