Chapter 294: Flabbergasting News

It was with the utmost rapidity that Yang Qi broke through into the fourth Legendary transformation.

There were a total of nine transformations, and the first three were about piercing through space, which was a profoundly difficult task. The next three were also grouped together, and were about forming a personal domain. In some ways, the Five-Phases Transformation and the Yin-Yang Transformation were actually somewhat easier than the final Personal-Domain Transformation.

Therefore, considering that Yang Qi had plentiful spirit stones, achieving success in this situation was nothing remarkable.

Besides, he also had the golden seed, the heaven-demon seed, and the Wilds God seed, just waiting to be absorbed. From the look of things, he had completely succeeded, whereas Ghost Emperor Yama had lost miserably.

“You ruthless little punk!” Ghost Emperor Yama growled as he watched Yang Qi’s aura growing more powerful by the moment. In the blink of an eye, his true energy seemed twice as powerful as before, enough to operate the Grand Emperor's Pagoda at a much higher level.

This true energy was becoming more true and real, which was one of the benefits...

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