Chapter 293: You Lose

The power of the Wilds God was mighty, and at the same time, felt like a vile poison that stuck to the bones and could not be expelled. No matter what he did, it seemed like escape was impossible.

He could only go all out.

Either the power would enslave him, or he would neutralize it.

It was a critical moment, and holding back wasn’t an option.

Rising to his feet, he expended every ounce of energy possible to summon fiend-devils from the void. By this point, the area outside the greyspace of the Rich-Lush Continent was virtually devoid of the things. The creatures popping out through the Hell Portal now were things like the giant snakes from the Hell of Nagas, or other bizarre entities.

Thanks to the influx of fuel, the fire burned even more brightly, and cracking sounds could be heard as the scales that covered the flames began to shatter.

The power of the Wilds God was actually retreating.

Snorting coldly, Ghost Emperor Yama said, “It's definitely miraculous that you can summon fiend-devils like that for fuel. Not even Great Sages should be able to do that. But if you think that’s enough to expel the power of the Wilds God, then you're more naive than I realized. His power can defeat...

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