Chapter 292: Power of the Wilds God

Yang Qi wanted to reach the Five-Phases Transformation as quickly as possible, no matter how he had to go about doing it. And it seemed that Ghost Emperor Yama really was planning on following him around and watching his every move.

Therefore, it was with the protection of the Grand Emperor's Pagoda that he took out the case with the five phases spirits in it.

Ghost Emperor Yama clicked his tongue at how casually Yang Qi was just going about his cultivation. “So, five phases spirits! The Grand-Wilds Mansion must have given those to you, right? Not bad. Not bad at all. What a pity you can’t actually use them for cultivation.”

“Why’s that?” Yang Qi asked.

Ghost Emperor Yama snorted coldly. “I guess it won’t hurt to tell you. Although they have pure five phases power, and can push you into the Five-Phases Transformation, they also have the power of the Wilds God in them. If you use them for cultivation, that power will transform you into a wilds-slave. You’ll become a puppet of the Grand-Wilds Mansion!” Ghost Emperor Yama chuckled coldly. “I'd advise you not to send yourself to an early grave. After all, I don’t want my prey falling into the hands of another...

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