Chapter 290: Another Encounter with the Ghost Emperor

‘What a pity I couldn't catch it,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘Imagine the incredible power I could have unleashed if I managed to enslave it with the Devil-God Seal!’

Unfortunately, it would have been very difficult to succeed in that task, so letting it escape was definitely the best thing. After all, what would have happened if, after he captured it, the thing managed to break free?

It was just on the verge of becoming a hellish dragon, and devil-dragons like that were pure terror.

Only Great Sages could possibly deal with such entities, and at the moment, Yang Qi wasn’t that strong. He needed to reach the sixth Legendary transformation before he could be on the same level as a Great Sage.

‘I wonder when I’ll actually be able to use the God Legion Paradise.’ He shook his head. ‘If I were a Personal-Domain Legendary, would my God Legion Paradise be enough to capture that snake?’

Although he was actually a bit disappointed about how things had turned out, the mercenary squad was completely...

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