Chapter 287: Wormhole

The insufferably arrogant King Delirium had been struck down by a single blow. Now he lay amidst a heap of rubble, his face completely ashen as he coughed up blood.

The people in the crowd were having a hard time believing their eyes.

Yang Qi had moved too quickly for anyone to see clearly, and in fact, faster than many of them could think. Before anyone could react, his target was on the ground, seriously injured.

“Trash like you doesn’t deserve to challenge my dignity,” Yang Qi said, brushing his hands together as if to clean them of dust. “How dare you compare yourself to me. I'm the captain here. If anyone doesn’t like that, then they can join King Delirium in the dust.”

King Delirium was many levels higher than Yang Qi, and yet had ended up crushed. To the spectators, it was as shocking as having watched an ant felling an elephant.

“Bastard!” King Delirium spat as he crawled out from the rubble. His complexion was ashen, but his eyes were shining bright red. “How dare you hit me like that! Fine, I guess I’ll show you my top secret magic. Grand Delirium!

Waving his hand through the air in front of him, he caused a string of mysterious symbols to...

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