Chapter 286: Captain

Having acquired the five phases spirits, Yang Qi’s mood lifted greatly.

At the moment, he wasn’t in a hurry to try to absorb them. Five phases spirits were nothing to take lightly; they contained massive power, and had many mysterious aspects that would make them very difficult to work with. The slightest mistake, and the spirit energy in them could vanish, and the beast itself could explode. If that happened, the destructive results could be catastrophic.

Furthermore, Yang Qi suspected that there were warding spells in the five phases spirits, left there so that the Great Sages of the Grand-Wilds Mansion could spy on him and his techniques.

He had experienced something similar when acquiring the five phases treasures from Young Master Shroud-Heaven, in the form of a heaven-demon seed. Whenever refining and absorbing things, one had to exercise extreme caution, lest one end up a puppet.

“Our Grand-Wilds Mansion has multiple Great Sages,” Great Sage War-Wilds continued. “Other than the Quake-Dawn Cathedral, there is no organization that can match up to us. The exalted Wilds God has long since left the Quake-Dawn Continent to travel to higher planes of existence. However,...

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