Chapter 285: Assessment

‘Five phases spirits? Those things are incredible….’ Yang Qi was frankly surprised that an amazing set of items like that would become available to him here. Right now, he had reached a point where he needed to plan out his path of cultivation in great detail. Although his cultivation generally went hundreds of times faster than most people, he was still fairly certain that it would take a year or even a year and a half for him to reach the fourth Legendary transformation.

Unfortunately, what he lacked most of right now was time.

He absolutely had to get back to the Rich-Lush Continent, and then head through the passageway to the Superheaven Badlands, and kill the Crown Prince.

If he could reach the Five-Phases Transformation sooner than expected, then he could be even more assured of victory. His hope was to make the trip to the Superheaven Badlands within ten days, or two weeks at the most. If he let too much time slip by, the consequences could be too horrible to contemplate.

Right now, acquiring a set of five phases spirits seemed like the best way to achieve an early breakthrough.

The so-called five phases spirits were pure living spirits birthed directly from the power...

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