Chapter 284: Deal

Working with the five phases was no easy task; it was like using drops of water to eat through rock. It was often impossible to determine how much work would be needed to use five phases true energy and turn it into preheaven energy.

When it came to five phases quintessence energy absorbed from external sources, it didn’t matter how pure it was, there would still be impurities in it. Only by refining it with one’s energy and blood could it be converted into the preheaven five phases, which was its truly original form.

By polishing the five phases quintessence energy to higher degrees, it would increase one's future potential. Without that polishing, and with the postheaven impurities, it would be impossible to break through to the Five-Phases Transformation.

Thankfully, Yang Qi’s Hellfire Crucible was designed to melt even disgraced god-spirits, and therefore, it was as easy for him to polish the five phases quintessence energy as it was for a child to play house.

As the postheaven five phases quintessence energy entered him, he cleansed it with fire from the crucible, and transformed it into pure preheaven five phases quintessence energy. It was shining, brilliant, and pure, without any impurities of any sort.

Not even...

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