Chapter 283: Working with the Five Phases

Yang Qi’s Heaven-Dominating Golden Swordbreaker decimated the asura’s battle flag, and completely vanquished its devil energy.

It was as if the swordbreaker had been specifically forged to be the ultimate weapon for this sort of thing. However, it required a huge amount of true energy, so much that ordinary people would be quickly drained if they tried to use it.

No wonder the Never-Dying Legendary Jin Zhenyun had become winded so quickly, and had been unable to recover.

However, it was almost the perfect weapon for Yang Qi; there was no better type of true energy in existence than Sovereign Lord True Energy, energy which could overwhelm opponents of much higher levels of skill.

Every sweep of the swordbreaker contained nearly unstoppable force, the power of golden metal as expansive as a sea, like golden gods from ancient times, surrounded by glowing halos as they stomped barefoot over countless enemies, flanked by golden dragons that could topple mountains and destroy all enemies.

Level Mountains; Drain Rivers!” Yang...

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