Chapter 282: Capturing an Asura

The sagely-grade spirit stone glittered with dazzling light.

Once again, massive amounts of power poured into Yang Qi, combining with the five phases power in him, and the spatial tempest fays. After it was thoroughly mixed with his energy, blood, and psychic powers, he sent it all into the Hellfire Crucible to brew.

In the end, what came out was preheaven five phases power in the form of Sovereign Lord True Energy.

The Five-Phases Transformation was the fourth of the Legendary transformations.

At this point in his cultivation, his true energy was imbued with the power of the five phases. And thus, it could transform easily. Icy cold true energy could become scorching hot. Beyond that, it could become true energy of wood, earth, or metal. Being able to mix and match with the five phases was the foundation of forming a personal domain.

Virtually everything in creation was imbued with the elements of the five phases. And it was by adding the five phases into one’s true energy that it became ‘true and real’.

Without the elements of the five phases, true energy was...

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