Chapter 281: Grand-Wilds Mansion

A very long moment passed before Overseer Redwood managed to regain his senses. 

“Just who exactly are you?” he asked. “Astral-Star asuras are extremely rare, and come from beyond heaven. Normally speaking, they are sura commanders, or the direct subordinates of great generals. They’re monstrous killers who lead armies of fiend-devils into combat, and are so hard to kill that only Great Sages can fight them.”

“I'm just a rogue cultivator, that’s all.” A faint smile could be seen on Yang Qi’s face as he continued, “Look, if your Grand-Wilds Mansion can’t afford asura devil cores, then what about some bronzeblaze fiend-devil cores?”

He waved his hand, causing dozens of bronzeblaze fiend-devil cores to fall onto the table.

“Devil cores from bronzeblaze fiend-devils?!” the appraiser exclaimed. “Those are so high-quality that they might as well come from dragonlings. They’re priceless! Completely and utterly priceless!”

“Well, what do you think?” Yang Qi said. “I heard the Grand-Wilds Mansion had a good reputation, which is why I came here in the first place. But if you keep asking personal questions, I’ll just leave. ”

After a brief moment of thought, Overseer...

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