Chapter 279: Vanquishing a Half Sage

Yang Qi had many tools at his disposal. By sacrificing some of the asuras, he could easily gain control of the Heaven-Dominating Golden Swordbreaker, and by using the heaven-demon seed, it was a simple task to draw out the powerful will of the Great Sage that existed within the weapon.

Because of that, he could freely wield the swordbreaker in any way he wanted.

Upon branding the thing with his soul, he could sense the immense power within it, as well as the sage motes inside. Sage motes came from the quintessence-blood of a Great Sage, and were forged with vital energy. With those sage motes, the golden, metallic power of the swordbreaker would never dissipate.

The slightest wave of the swordbreaker sent out a screaming golden sea, filled with reflections of golden sage motes. The saintly might on display could crush anything from the most ancient times to the most modern.

No person in existence could take command of the golden power in the swordbreaker as casually as Yang Qi, not considering he had a heaven-demon seed.

That seed had been created by...

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