Chapter 278: Battling a Half Sage

As the Half Sage unleashed his personal domain, Yang Qi thought, ‘Half Sages are extraordinary. It seems I need to do some more serious training if I'm going to try to kill someone like the Crown Prince. After all, our cultivation levels are just too far apart. Seven whole levels! Although my true energy reserves are immense, that doesn't make up for the level disparity.’

Warfare Domain!” the Half Sage shouted. As the domain took shape, it was as if the dao of war overtook the area. Vital energy surged with incredible power, and he stood in the middle of it all, seemingly invincible.


The Infernal Deity Spear stabbed partway into the Warfare Domain, but then stopped. It sent hellish energy into the domain to try to infect it, but all the Half Sage did was shrug his shoulders, and the energy dissipated.

This was his domain. This was his kingdom.

“So, what other tricks do you have up your sleeve?” he asked. With his personal domain fully powered, the aura of a Great Sage flickered in the area, which was what happened when Half Sages were just on the...

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