Chapter 277: Heaven-Dominating Golden Swordbreaker

It was impossible to say who in history had named the swordbreaker, but it didn’t matter. It was enormously powerful, and thus, when it struck Yang Qi, he had had no choice other than to use the powers of redirection that were inherent to his godly-class energy art to send the force of the blow into the Space Portal.

If he had let it truly enter his body, he would have been done for.

Although the Grand Emperor's Pagoda might have been able to soften the blow, he still would have suffered massive damage to his meridians.

The swordbreaker was filled with the burning power of metal, like molten gold. Therefore, as its power flowed through it, it shone brilliantly, causing all heaven and earth to turn into a sea of gold.

‘What a wonderful treasure. I was just thinking that I don’t have any good weapon to fight the Crown Prince with, and this swordbreaker seems incredible. If I unleash its full potential, I think it would hurt even him. Maybe I could even blow his brains out with it.’ With that, he sent some of his own power into the swordbreaker...

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