Chapter 276: Breaking Open the Door

The Heaven-Dominating Golden Swordbreaker was so incredibly mighty that no tempest could possibly pose a problem for it. In fact, it seemed powerful enough to smash planets into bits. The entire area was now bathed in golden light as the Never-Dying Legendary Jin Zhenyun attacked with deadly force, drawing upon never-dying magical law to leave Yang Qi with no avenue of escape.

His jealousy and greed were pushing him into the depths of killing intent.

“Wait, don’t—” Lan Tianbo shouted. He was joined by other experts, and yet, all of them were too late. The Heaven-Dominating Golden Swordbreaker was a primeval precious treasure, and not even Half Sages could escape it once it was unleashed.

“Prepare to die, freakish hellion!” shrieked Jin Zhenyun.

Yang Qi was in the middle of attacking the Space Portal, and had no time to focus his concentration on anything else. If the blow landed, it seemed a foregone conclusion that he would be crushed to pieces.

And yet, when the Heaven-Dominating Golden Swordbreaker was only about nine meters from Yang Qi’s head, it was blocked by an enormous bronze pagoda. The swordbreaker hit it, and a sonorous boom echoed out.

“A primeval defensive treasure?” Jin Zhenyun blurted. Then, his expression turned even fiercer as he raised his Heaven-Dominating Golden Swordbreaker overhead and prepared to strike with even more unprecedented force.

“Heaven-Dominating Strike!” he shouted. Instantly, the swordbreaker began to glow with even more intense golden light than before, and he swung it down in what seemed like a completely unblockable move.


The Heaven-Dominating Golden Swordbreaker smashed its way through the pagoda, and then closed in on Yang Qi’s head.

‘He's finished….’ That is what everyone was thinking. Now they could do nothing other than wait for Yang Qi to be reduced to a bloody pulp.

However, when the swordbreaker landed, it did not smash his head like a watermelon.

In fact, Yang Qi actually rose to his feet, his robe rippling around him.

He no longer wore the Infernal Deity Plate Armor, but instead, a corporeal manifestation of true energy that was a robe, the same robe that would be seen worn by the legion of gods.

As he stood there, a golden river of true energy poured into him from the swordbreaker, filling his meridians and sea of energy in an attempt to destroy him.

But then, a tremor passed through him, taking all of that energy and converging it in his fist. His next fist strike was powerful enough to shake the sky, to destroy suns and moons, to cause planets to fall, and to shatter the void.

The enormous Space Portal exploded into countless fragments. Shockingly, in the most critical moment, Yang Qi was able to redirect the power of the Heaven-Dominating Golden Swordbreaker, combine it with his own true energy, and use it to power the final blow that ended the Space Portal. He was finally in the Space-Void Transformation.

At the same time, the shattered fragments of the Space Portal were sucked into Yang Qi, where they became pure spatial power, the magical laws of space which had existed for aeons and aeons.

All of the remaining Sovereign Lord True Energy that he had stored in the Grand Emperor's Pagoda flowed into him, strengthening his meridians, his fleshly body, and his soul.

“You used me, you freakish hellion!” Jin Zhenyun growled, hefting his swordbreaker. Not pausing for a moment, he lashed out again at Yang Qi, a golden vortex swirling around his weapon as he attacked.

Yang Qi suddenly thrust his hand out in Jin Zhenyun’s direction, and space parted for him as easily as a curtain, causing a spatial energy flow to surge forth.

To the utter shock of the onlookers, he grabbed the Heaven-Dominating Golden Swordbreaker, completely stopping its motion. Jin Zhenyun struggled, and yet, could not budge the weapon.


Yang Qi waved his hand, and the space in the area collapsed.

Jin Zhenyun let out a shout as he was thrown backward, his body shattering, golden blood spraying out of him to shower down onto the mountains below. Yang Qi had decisively taken away his Heaven-Dominating Golden Swordbreaker.

It only took one swipe of his hand to send the young man flying away, after which Yang Qi completely ignored him, and instead breathed deeply as he probed the new power coursing through him. Moments ago, he had destroyed the Space Portal and then absorbed the resulting rubble, which was very important to improve the dimensions inside himself.

Currently, his sea of energy and meridians had so much energy in them they were inflating like balloons. As for the dimensions inside them, they were also rapidly expanding. As his blood pumped through his veins, he grew stronger and stronger, making him look like a warrior sent by the legion of gods to subdue hell.

Sovereign Lord True Energy poured into him from the reserves he had built. At the same time, spirit energy gathered from the surrounding mountains, to the point where countless subterranean white dragons burst out into the open and were absorbed. There was even universal power streaming into him from beyond heaven.

In the moment that he made his breakthrough, his mind seemed to expand, and all of a sudden, he was deeply connected to space-time. The power of the void began to converge inside him, and in an instant, he could see with his naked eye countless glowing lights around him, which was none other than the power of the stars.

High above him in the sky, countless stars winked into being; as he absorbed the power, he provoked strange signs in heaven and earth.

“This… not even a Half Sage can handle the power of heaven and earth like this. Look at all the strange signs. Isn’t he worried that if he absorbs all that energy, he’ll explode? Each one is a different type of power!” The people from the Spirit Origin Association were all looking on in complete shock.

However, Yang Qi ignored them, and focused completely on his enlightenment. Inside of him, the godmammoth particles were waking up. Moments ago, he had been at the level of three hundred thousand. But now….

Three hundred ten thousand. Three hundred twenty thousand. Three hundred fifty. Three hundred seventy. Four hundred thousand….

The rippling energy fluctuations which rolled off of him seemed to contain an eternally burning glow, something that could subjugate any vital energy it touched.

In the end, he had six hundred thousand particles woken up within him, meaning his total true energy reserves had doubled. That was no small feat. After all, each particle of the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth was harder than the previous one to awaken.

‘I feel like I'm strong enough to destroy continents, to rip openings in space, to break all fetters!’ The power coursing through Yang Qi made him feel like he was stronger by far than anyone of a similar level.

The slightest hand gesture on his part could send ripples of spatial power out.

Suddenly, an opening appeared in space, and a pitch-black spatial tempest poured out.

The true energy of the Hell Portal had changed dramatically, and the spore-devil now had a holy aura. The Nine Stars Pearl Necklace formed by the demon cores had melted, and combined with Sovereign Lord True Energy, to form something new, an enormous star that was now inset at the top of the door.

Now that Yang Qi was a Space-Void Legendary, all of his true energy manifestations were different. His Infernal Deity Spear, Hellfire Crucible, Devil-God Seal and Angel Wings had advanced by leaps and bounds.


His Angel Wings appeared behind him, glowing with holy light that could drive away all darkness and gloom. They were covered with bugles, drums, holy hymns, and musical notes from the halls of heaven. From what Yang Qi could tell, the slightest movement of those wings could pierce through space.

If he were attacked by that Great Sage’s hand now, he could escape as easily as blowing some dust off his shoulder.

Right now, the only thing that would be a danger to him would be a Great Sage appearing in person to attack him.

The third Legendary transformation was a watershed, a point in which one could finally gain deep enlightenment of heaven and earth.

Of course, it was only enlightenment.

To understand magical laws well enough to control or change them, one had to be in the Great Sage level, or possibly even the level beyond that, the Demi-Immortal level.

The magical laws of space involved innumerable daos. To truly enter the depths of the universe, Yang Qi would need more than the superficial enlightenment of the Space-Void Transformation.

Of course, considering the immense nature of the Space Portal he had broken open, Yang Qi had received enlightenment comparable to someone four or five levels above him.

His Infernal Deity Spear now burst with spatial powers, and could pierce through space-time to kill enemies.

He summoned the spear, then thrust it forward to pierce through space. It vanished, and then a moment later, a scream could be heard from high above as an Astral-Star bronzeblaze fiend-devil was stabbed to death, and fell down like a falling star. When it smashed into the mountains below, they melted into sulfurous lava.

‘Excellent. I now control the powers of space.’

Retracting his true energy, he looked around at the group of people from the Spirit Origin Association. At the same time, he hefted the Heaven-Dominating Golden Swordbreaker.

The swordbreaker had been forged from some unknown metal, and was covered with carved decorations of birds, flowers, and similar things. It was also as heavy as a mountain, to the point where most people in the third Legendary transformation wouldn’t even be able to lift it. From its aura, Yang Qi could tell that it was roughly on par with the Grand Emperor's Pagoda, which meant that whoever had forged it was a person similar to Grand Emperor Rich-Lush.

However, the explosive, mighty energy inside it, which seemed to thirst to slaughter the enemy, actually surpassed the pagoda.

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