Chapter 275: Experts Gather

‘Damnation. With the spell formation broken, nearby experts are definitely going to notice what's happening.’ Although Yang Qi was frustrated, there was nothing he could do about what had happened.

Taking a deep breath, he began to strike the portal even more quickly than before.

He used every imaginable martial discipline, and held nothing back in terms of true energy. As he did, signs of damage finally appeared on the surface of the Space Portal.

However, as the old saying went, a centipede does not stop wriggling even after being stomped on. From within the depths of the portal, spatial power seeped out in an attempt to repair the damage.

It even sent stifling pressure down onto Yang Qi.

It seemed to be fighting directly against his soul, to the point where, even if he opened the portal and survived, it would still do everything possible to hurt him.

Of course, that was only natural. When a Legendary tackled a higher level, they needed to go all out and never shrink back. If they succumbed to the backlash from magical law, they would either be injured so badly they could never achieve their breakthrough,...

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