Chapter 274: Reaching the Third Transformation

Before, Yang Qi hadn’t felt very confident at all in achieving his breakthrough into the third Legendary transformation. But after the incident when the Great Sages stimulated his potential, and he formed the elemental fays, things changed. Plus, with the true energy he had converted from the sagely-grade spirit stone, he was now more prepared than ever.

No longer did he face any fear-inspiring obstacles in reaching the Space-Void Transformation, but instead, brimmed with confidence.

Without the incident with the Great Sages, he would likely have been forced to practice cultivation for dozens of years, perhaps even a hundred, before reaching this point.

The spatial white holes hovered above him, belching out Space-Void Godlightning, each manifestation of which could destroy mountains or rivers, and even kill ghosts or gods.

It didn’t matter what type of personal domain was hit by that tribulation, it would be destroyed in an instant.

It was said that only Great Sages who spent long periods of time in the void could eventually form bolts of godlightning like this, which they would then bestow upon their apprentices.

Such apprentices would view such a thing as the most precious of treasures, something that they could use in a moment of desperation to kill an enemy.

And yet now, countless bolts of Space-Void Godlightning filled the area. It was really a very dangerous situation. In fact, even Ghost-God Legendaries or Astral-Star Legendaries would be injured by such lightning. But now, Yang Qi was facing hundreds of billions of bolts.

However, he didn’t seem fazed at all, and actually, each bolt that struck him provided new enlightenment into space, and magical law.


The Grand Emperor's Pagoda shook violently, much to the alarm of everyone inside.

Lady-Princess Silvermoon almost couldn’t believe what she was seeing, and wondered if she were hallucinating. “Space-Void Godlightning? And there’s so much of it! What’s going on? Has the lightning gotten weaker recently or something?”

Yang Qi wasn’t paying any attention to the reactions from the onlookers. He unleashed his true energy, causing the image of a godmammoth to appear, whose trunk rapidly sucked in all of the external true energy. Destructive power filled Yang Qi’s meridians, blood vessels, internal organs, and sea of energy, and instantly, his entire body was thrown into a state of primal-chaos.

However, he wasn’t worried at all, and simply went about reconstructing himself anew, expanding the dimensional aspects of his body.

The previous dimensions had been formed because of the technique that he cultivated. But this time, he was gaining spatial enlightenment, and being born again. Now, the dimension in his sea of energy bore his own personal mark, and his meridians were almost like space-time wormholes, twisting and writhing like blood dragons.

Soon, a huge vortex appeared in his sea of energy, which absorbed the spirit energy flowing into him and turned it into Sovereign Lord True Energy and universal power. The spirit energy kept erupting from the depths of the ground.

“Grand Emperor’s Pagoda!” Yang Qi suddenly opened one of the doors of the pagoda, causing a stream of liquid Sovereign Lord True Energy to pour from it into him, aiding in the reforming of his body.

Yet again, he was transforming on the most fundamental level.


It was in that very moment that an enormous axe popped out of a white hole. It was fully three hundred meters from end to end, and was the type that could slaughter dragons and cause space to undulate around it. It was a primeval weapon formed from the very power of space, and without the slightest pause, it chopped down toward Yang Qi.

“World-Splitting Axe…” Lady-Princess Silvermoon breathed. “It's a tribulation that only forms when the fluctuations of space reach a peak level of intensity. What could possibly come after this?”

Yang Qi reached up and grabbed the blade of the World-Splitting Axe, instantly stopping its momentum. Then, he rotated his hand, and the axe exploded, letting out an energy blast that he absorbed without hesitation.

Next to emerge was a heavenly sword, like a flying immortal from beyond the heavens, which stabbed toward him, radiating dazzling light.


He grabbed the sword between two fingers, and then twisted them, snapping the sword in half.

Next, the white holes began to send out even more weapons, such as sabers, lances, spears, truncheons, whips, and the like. They were all formed from the magical laws of space, and seemed capable of reducing anyone other than a Never-Dying Legendary to a corpse.

And yet, Yang Qi vanquished each and every one.

In the end, a mirror shot out, which hung there in the sky, shining with the power of millions of suns and moons. The air ignited into flame as the light shone down onto Yang Qi, making the entire area a sea of fire.

“Flame Mirror of the Void. This level of tribulation usually shows up when Great Sages form their sage domain.” Lady-Princess Silvermoon finally covered her eyes with her hands, overwhelmed with terror at the fact that, if the mirror killed Yang Qi, she would also die.

However, Yang Qi simply leaped into the air and leveled a fist strike at it.

After hitting it once, he struck again and again, causing cracks to spread out over the surface of the mirror. Flames covered him, and yet they didn't hurt him at all. In fact, they felt somewhat pleasant.

Finally, the Flame Mirror of the Void shattered, and Yang Qi absorbed all the fire, causing the porcelain aspects of his body to emit brilliant shafts of light, each of which contained images of primeval godmammoths.


Thanks to this baptism of tribulation, Yang Qi could sense that his soul and his body were reaching an extremely high level.

Suddenly, he sprang into motion, following a prescribed route through the spell formation he had set up, moving faster and faster with each moment that passed.

As he moved, his Angel Wings appeared behind him. Instead of being dozens of kilometers wide, which they could be, they were shrunk down to only a few meters long. However, the speed and power they could generate was no less because of it.

Soon, he was a streak of blurred light that closed in on the white holes, and then struck them.

In order to destroy the white holes, he had to pierce through space; they fought back with the magical laws of space, so if he could destroy them, it would prove he was in the Space-Void Transformation.


He smashed into one of the white holes, which shrank down and began to tremble.

Yang Qi was a blur that smashed into countless white holes, all of which began to shrink down and tremble like they might explode at any moment.

However, that was when something completely unexpected happened.

Countless magical laws of space reacted, causing intense rumbling sounds to fill the area as all of the white holes converged on each other, transforming into an enormous door.

It was transparent, almost like it was made from crystal, and was fully three thousand meters tall, reaching high into the clouds. However, it was very stable, and Yang Qi’s subsequent fist strikes didn’t seem capable of doing anything against it.

It was none other than a Space Portal!

“When I reached the Space-Void Transformation,” Lady-Princess Silvermoon blurted, “the Space Portal was only as tall as me! His is… three thousand meters tall? How… how is that even possible? And I'm considered a top genius in the Western Continent!”


Yang Qi continued to strike the portal over and over again, and eventually it began to tremble. However, it remained tightly closed.

This was the final obstacle thrown up by the magical laws of space.

If Yang Qi could open the door, he would be enlightened regarding the profound secrets of spatial magical law.

However, if he failed, it would mean he had reached the end of his life.

Although he was completely exhausted, he had plenty of true energy stored in the Grand Emperor's Pagoda to help him push forward.

“Godmammoths can open the way to hell. What is this puny Space Portal going to do!?” Bellowing from the effort, Yang Qi let loose a blur of fist strikes, causing booming sounds to echo out that were reminiscent of the stampeding of megamammoths.

The Space Portal was being beaten like a heavenly drum, and the fluctuations that rolled off of it caused any water it touched to evaporate.


Yang Qi’s spell formation began to tremble, damaged by the Space Portal and already on the verge of breaking.

There was no time for him to try to shore it up. He had to open this portal and step into the Space-Void Transformation, otherwise, the portal would vanish, and he would be finished.

Every moment he had to strike at it was vitally important.

‘Let the infernal deities come forth from hell….’ The Infernal Deity Spear appeared in his hand, which he stabbed toward the portal. He also opened the Lord's Eye, sending dazzling light onto it, like a river of brightness that could overwhelm the mortal world.


The spell formation couldn't conceal the fluctuations any longer, and they began to leak out into the world around it, destroying much of the forest, and even toppling mountains.

At long last, the silence of the distant mountains had been broken, and nearby experts noticed that something unusual was happening….

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