Chapter 274: Reaching the Third Transformation

Before, Yang Qi hadn’t felt very confident at all in achieving his breakthrough into the third Legendary transformation. But after the incident when the Great Sages stimulated his potential, and he formed the elemental fays, things changed. Plus, with the true energy he had converted from the sagely-grade spirit stone, he was now more prepared than ever.

No longer did he face any fear-inspiring obstacles in reaching the Space-Void Transformation, but instead, brimmed with confidence.

Without the incident with the Great Sages, he would likely have been forced to practice cultivation for dozens of years, perhaps even a hundred, before reaching this point.

The spatial white holes hovered above him, belching out Space-Void Godlightning, each manifestation of which could destroy mountains or rivers, and even kill ghosts or gods.

It didn’t matter what type of personal domain was hit by that tribulation, it would be destroyed in...

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