Chapter 273: Secrets of the Crown Prince

The conversation between these two disciples from the so-called Yayoi Association had already provided Yang Qi with an abundance of new information. For one thing, he learned that the Holy Daughter of the Quake-Dawn Cathedral had given birth to a son who was said to be a god from heaven descended into the mortal world. Back in the Rich-Lush Continent, people said the exact same thing about the Crown Prince.

Then, he learned that three Great Sages had been sent to the Rich-Lush Continent to investigate, only to be killed by a mysterious figure from there. It seemed highly likely that the mysterious person in question was the chancellor of the Demi-Immortal Institute.

Yang Qi was well aware of how the man had always been a staunch protector of the Crown Prince. And he had learned from Hua Tianxiong that the chancellor had some sort of relationship with the Crown Prince’s mother. Of course, the Crown Prince was not the chancellor’s son, he really was some sort of “god from heaven descended into the mortal world”. There was no question about that. And now, it was clear that he was deeply connected to the Quake-Dawn Continent.

Yang Qi had also learned other information. For...

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