Chapter 271: Drift with the Waves, Go with the Flow

The majestic hell monsoon swept along, seemingly without end.

It was impossible to say how many devil-ghosts filled the thing, but they were organized, with generals, commanders, captains, squad leaders, and the like. They were truly an army seeking to invade another plane of existence.

The bronzeblaze fiend-devil that Yang Qi had possessed was one of the leaders, from a higher plane of hell. He commanded an enormous portion of the army that was composed of millions of devil-ghosts.

At the moment, Yang Qi knew that he couldn’t show his face within the hell monsoon. There were Half Sages here and there, and if he revealed himself, he would definitely be in great danger. As the saying went, not even a strong man can fight an entire pack of wolves. He could only wait until the fiend-devils reached another plane. Hopefully, he would be able to enter that plane, and then figure out a way to return home.

Unfortunately, he had no idea where he was, or how far away he was from home.

Hopefully the Grand Emperor's Pagoda would eventually help him to determine the exact location of...

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