Chapter 270: Escaping Alive

Yang Qi was truly benefitting from his crisis. Thanks to the pursuit of this Great Sage, he was actually acquiring spatial tempest fays.

The finger-sized fays were purely elemental. Normally speaking, they would only come forth when a specific individual met certain requirements, including amassing the element of space to a very high degree. Even some people who had personal domains could never connect with space to that level. But Yang Qi could.

More and more spatial tempest fays attached to his Angel Wings, until they looked like a pure sea of the things. The fays chattered amongst themselves as they poured into Yang Qi’s blood and soul. With every moment that passed, he felt more and more like he could pierce through space.

He used to be a massive piece of driftwood, but with the help of the spatial tempest fays, he now felt like he was an iceberg sinking down into the water.

Suddenly, he was struck with enlightenment. ‘I can’t...

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