Chapter 269: Angel Wings Transformation


The hand of the Great Sage had summoned a blue sky and five pillars to prop it up. The goal had been to trap Yang Qi, and yet, with the help of his Angel Wings, he escaped. In his current state, not even spatial tempests could stop him.

In fact, those tempests were actually beneficial. The friction between their power and his own true energy created a tempering effect that made him tougher and more resilient.

He felt very close to being able to tear open space itself. As a result, becoming a Space-Void Legendary seemed much easier than before. Every moment he was in the chaos of space-time, his meridians and energy were influenced and honed by the void, and became more closely connected to it.

‘Come on, keep chasing me!’ he thought. ‘If things keep going on like this, I’ll hit the Space-Void Transformation, and then fleeing will be an easy task.’

In some ways, it was like...

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