Chapter 268: Frenzied Flight

It was a moment of profoundly deadly danger.

Yang Qi had fallen into the clutches of a Great Sage, and had no surefire way to escape.

The only thing he could do was put everything on the line, to flee like mad and hope that the chaotic power of space-time itself would somehow ensure his safety. After all, at least that way he would have a chance of surviving.

He was like a person who had been chased to the edge of a cliff, and in the face of certain death at the hands of his enemy, had chosen to jump.

However, the Great Sage apparently realized what he was planning to do, and was attempting to stop him.

Godly might emanated off the enormous hand, smashing its way through the devil-ghosts Yang Qi had summoned, transforming them into nothing more than dust. Then, the heaven mote in the hand unleashed a gravitational force that caused all of the space in the area to ripple and distort.

To Yang Qi, it looked as if...

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