Chapter 267: The Will of Great Sages

“What’s that? The will of a Great Sage level is sweeping the lands? Presumably hunting for information about me?” Surprised, he sent his psychic tempest out to check on the situation.

Sure enough, a powerful will was at work, hunting high and low, near and far.

The level of power in question was far beyond that capable by mortals; it was clearly a manifestation of the Great Sage level.

This was no random, casual act, it was obviously a concerted effort to find Yang Qi.

Considering the scene he'd caused in the Western Continent, and the fact that he had literally taken Silvermoon, it was no surprise that a Great Sage had stepped in.

In the Rich-Lush Continent, there were five Great Sages, including the chancellors of the four institutes, and the emperor of the Sage Ancestor Dynasty.

In the Western Continent, there were more Great Sages than that. After all, the abundant spirit stones there made cultivation a lot easier.

In the Western Continent Atlas that Yang Qi had acquired at the Sun Moon Institute, it said that there were at least six Great Sages there. If they joined...

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