Chapter 265: Nine Stars Pearl Necklace

Bronzeblaze fiend-devils were summoned without cease from the hell monsoon, and as a result, Yang Qi grew stronger and stronger. Eventually, the Grand Emperor's Pagoda trembled violently as it came completely under his control.

Imperial might radiated out of the pagoda, indicating how impossible it would be for anyone else to forcibly take control of it. It was for that reason that the chancellor hadn’t even made such an attempt.

Another way to refer to a grand emperor would be ‘Son of Heaven’, and as of this moment, Yang Qi’s will surpassed that of heaven. He was like the father of a grand emperor, the one god, the most paramount sovereign in existence, a person who the most ancient of grand emperors would bow to in allegiance.

After all, when emperors offered sacrifices to heaven, they would usually begin by saying, “I, your humble servant, tasked with managing all creation…..” [1]

Now that the Grand Emperor's Pagoda had offered complete allegiance to Yang Qi, it was only natural that the imperial mightiness therein would be...

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