Chapter 264: Filling Up with True Energy

At the moment, there was nothing Yang Qi could do to Lady-Princess Silvermoon.

She had a godly talisman created by Grand Empress Sky-Heaven, which could not be used as a weapon, but was far too powerful for him to break through. Not even the Grand Emperor's Pagoda could reach her, making Yang Qi almost like the dog trying to bite the hedgehog.

But Yang Qi had an idea, that being to use the sagely-grade spirit stone on the altar to fill up his true energy.

His sea of energy had the capacity for the power of three hundred thousand ancient megamammoths, but at the moment, was capped at two hundred thousand. He needed a huge amount of power converted into Sovereign Lord True Energy and universal power, to fill his true energy to the point he needed.

And now, that was a simple task.

Besides, he had plenty of other marvelous treasures from Silvermoon to help.

If he succeeded, he wouldn’t just have a lot of true energy, he would be a Space-Void Legendary, which was nothing to take lightly.

Once he broke through, and could shatter the fetters of...

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