Chapter 263: Sagely-Grade Spirit Stone

Many powerful groups were aware of the recent developments in the Demi-Immortal Institute, and it was only natural that an imperial trading caravan would be no exception.

Even the most inferior of groups that came to do business in the Western Continent were people from rich and powerful clans. Other than such groups, who could possibly arrange for passage through the dimensional barrier?

People like that would obviously be informed about the situation in the Demi-Immortal Institute, and would also be privy to other rumors and clues that ordinary people might not. How could they not have heard of Yang Qi, who had won the Inter-Institutional Martial Arts Competition, and then defied the Crown Prince?

Of course, the fact that he had repaired the damage to heaven trumped everything else. To many people, he was the ultimate hero, a mysterious and enigmatic figure who existed far above ordinary people.

Even more telling, everyone was saying that he had succeeded in repairing heaven because he was backed by an all-powerful, mysterious figure, someone beyond the Great Sage level....

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