Chapter 261: Lady-Princess Silvermoon

Before Yang Qi’s spear attacks could land on the three War Gods, a stream of immense power shot out from the depths of Silvermoon. Silver light flared as a moon appeared above the city, out of which stepped a woman.

“For killing my generals, mortal, you deserve to die….”

She radiated a field of power that immediately locked onto the trajectories of the three spear strikes, and neutralized them.

The three War Gods had been saved.

Yang Qi rested his spear at his side and looked over at the woman, who was obviously the magistrate of the city. She was a member of the imperial family of the Sky-Heaven Dynasty, Lady-Princess Silvermoon, widely regarded as a powerful expert of energy arts.

The power of the stars seemed to descend from the sky, blessing her, and giving her the most holy of auras. At the same time, there was something about her that made it seem like she could never die; from the fluctuations which rolled off of her, it was possible to tell that she was somewhere between the eighth and the ninth Legendary transformations.

“So, she's...

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