Chapter 260: Crashing the Party

Silvermoon was a prosperous and affluent city that did so much business on a yearly basis it was almost impossible to quantify. Trade wasn’t just limited to demon cores. Treasures, weapons, and tools of all sorts changed hands on a daily basis.

Of course, the currency was spirit stones, just like it was everywhere else in the Western Continent.

As soon as Yang Qi entered the treasure storehouse, he saw an immense amount of wealth, more spirit stones than he had ever seen in his entire life. It was such a hoard that his eyes immediately went wide.

There were mountains of spirit stones of varying qualities, so much so that the entire area seemed to be filled with solid spirit energy. Of course, considering he was an intruder, countless warding magics immediately flared to life, sending numerous beams of deadly light flying in his direction.

“Be destroyed!” he shouted, launching his palm out in front of him. Instantly, the beams of light shattered, and the spell formations and warding magics in the...

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